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I'm Rob.

As Abnormal Situations Manager at Here There Everywhere, I do all sorts - start startups, scale scaleups, grow agencies and help multinationals build what's next. 

If you want to work together, have something interesting to discuss, or just fancy a chat, drop me a line. 

What I do

So, if you want to grow your business, brand or agency, I'll help you create cutting-edge connected process, products, services and experiences at that pivotal point, where imagination, technology and the consumer converge.  

And, to prove it, if you scroll down, you'll find some of the things I've done. Some big, some not so big - but all fresh, inventive and interesting. 


Self-Driving EV

From scratch to fully-functional self-driving EV concept in 10 months. This was a first for Ford - a completely digital driving experience - built around the driver, passengers and their data. 

I ran the experience design and business strategy side of the work, the team filed over 20 patents in the process.

Nivea Men


Lean new product development and innovation. Unpacked was conceived to offer consumers completely packaging free, loop-based grooming across the entire range within 2 years of launch. This product range tested the highest for any NPD in Nivea’s history, with Neilsen saying that people  would buy at a much higher price point, which was nice.

Pernod Ricard


A Connected Cocktail Library - better known as OPN- this was Pernod Ricard’s first major step into the world of physical and digital innovation. As CXO, I oversaw the design and build of the digital service experience from ideation through to delivery of the Alpha, which included the launch offering and branding, as well as the service ecosystem for the business. 


The digtal brand & marketing

Before us, it was all Ronald McDonald scary clown, red and yellow sticky seats. When we were done, McDonald's were the first global brand on Facebook, divining and defining tastes and attitudes through data, exchanging McFlurrys for Tweets and generally being FMCG masters of the digital universe. 



A complete green field redesign of SFR’s (France's biggest telco) offering from the industrial design through to the digital and physical experiences, this project included Passport, a revolutionary AI programme recommendation service. Passport was the go to market hero for the launch and along with the rest of the work we did, we've been told that we added nearly €2bn to the value of the company when they sold it.


Oxfam Unwrapped

We changed the face of charity and the nature of giving with Oxfam Unwrapped, the shop that allows you to buy things as donations, from pencils to goats, its now a much copied, ubiquitous format. Raising, on average £25m a year, Oxfam Unwrapped is the charity’s biggest single source of direct income. The team also created all of Oxfam’s digital advertising and websites for the 6 years Razorfish were Agency of Record, winning a lot of awards along the way.

Accenture Interactive


The Mercator Programme was Accenture Interactive's first foray into the development of a media, data and analytics visualisation platform that allows marketers to see real time effectiveness of campaigns, giving them the ability to manage everything on any device at any time, anywhere. Mercator won quite few design and technology patents and was the first fully integrated marketing management solution Accenture Interactive developed.


Above All

Where Sonos meets Philips Hue - the world’s best  networked sound and smartest lighting all wrapped up in Alexa voice control.   I worked on the original branding and go to market strategy for Zuma as it came out of the labs at Native Design. Looks beautiful, sounds wonderful and fits seamlessly into any home - a triumph of form meeting function.


Tap Up

We led the programme to digitise Shell’s Drivers' Club loyalty card offering. Sounds a bit dull, but there's wealth of incredible opportunity in the world of loyalty, if you're prepared to look further than the forecourt.  Which is what we did - creating a wealth of   transformational marketing platforms and new offerings designed to expand the idea of loyalty beyond the pump - including TapUp, Europe’s first fuel delivery service.

Ralph Lauren


Widely regarded as one of the world’s most famous projection mapping projects, I originated the idea and drove the creative. The 30 million view live event took place in London and New York and changed the face of experiential marketing. We brought the flagship stores to life with a jaw-dropping fashion show, polo ponies and scent generators that filled the air with brand fragrance. 

Coca Cola / Vice

Do Coke

A experimental collaboration between VICE and Coca Cola and still one of my favourite projects, for its pure unlikeliness. As part of a repositioning exercise, Coke teamed up with Vice to create a cut-through content-driven entertainment property aimed at 16-24 audience. A huge departure for the brand, Do Coke was designed to inform and inspire across a variety of spaces from music to sport and fashion. 

Stella Artois

Supper Club

Building Stella Artois’ global brand diversification strategy meant creating new ways to talk to and engage consumers that would land ‘The Life Artois’ meaningfully with consumers wherever they are in the world. Supper Club is the embodiment of the mission, where purpose and product come together as content, action, engagement in a celebration of what life has to offer when food and drink are done in style.

Cambridge University

Digital Business MBA

In a first for the Judge Institute, working with Professor Mark Thompson, we developed the Digital Business unit of the MBA course and ran the most popular elective on the whole MBA. Bringing C suite leaders in to set classes a product development challenge where over 6 sprints the class would have to create a new product or device that answered a real-world business challenge. We had a lot of fun and taught critical, creative and strategic thinking in a really innovative way. 

NSPCC & Childline


The most inventive and awarded set of things the charity has ever done in one mighty streak of innovation. Our work for the NSPCC earned Razorfish agency of the year 3 times. From metaverse counselling sessions to helper bots that know when kids need help, we made the digital world a safe space for kids to share, support and and find the help they needed, when they really  needed it. 



A modern study in time and motion, built with real time data from IBM's global workforce. We talk of knowledge workers, but what do they do? What do they make? How does it feel and what does it sound like? To find out we built an immersive sanctuary at the heart of IBM's iconic Southbank HQ, lined with millions of LEDs and a floor to ceiling screen that turned the activity of thousands of people into murmurations of birds and the music of the gods, all in mesmerising, pulsating colour. Patents galore for our data capture and surveillance tech with unintended consequences down the line.



Here? Me neither. But it turns out they're what's left of Nokia and they're the interesting bit, cos they own the world's mapping data - powering 90% of all sat navs and in return, hoovering up all that passive sensor data your car picks up every time you drive anywhere. But what to do with it? What can you make with it? This fascinating question was at the heart of a global innovation project which produced a huge variety of ideas and directions, including the winner, Placebook - a single communal aggregator and management platform of all booking, itineraries, travel, content and commerce for travelling groups of friends.



Music and fashion from the streets and on the streets. In print and online, not for profit. ASBO is an erratic, punky, finger on the pulse magazine that was set up to give everyone and anyone a chance to get involved in the stuff that they love and have their voice heard. Much advice, strategy and direction have been given over the years. Happily very little of it taken. 

Jess Albarn

Dead or Alive

Colab with Jess Albarn. We created pictures you can hear. Sound recorded at Damon's farm, electrostatic paint, a Raspberry Pi, Bowers&Wilkins headphones - all combined to make Jess' prints come alive when they sensed movement, so you can hear the birds and the bees in beautiful binaural stereo. 

Marcel Duchamp

Human Tide

Based on a long-lost Marcel Duchamp work discovered in a Norfolk junk shop. Inside a book signed by the late master, were 100-year old instructions for a piece he called ‘la maree humaine’, a reference found in the study drawings created for his seminal ‘3 standard stoppages’. The illustration appeared to imagine people painting waves with light to capture the linear impressions made by the tide as it came in. Beyond the technology at the time, we brought Duchamp’s long lost dream to life as the ‘human tide’.

Planet 24


The most succesful gameshow of all time. When we came up with the idea in 1994 the networks wouldn't touch it, saying noone would watch a bunch of people fighting amongst themselves on a desert island - that it was too cruel to be good TV.  Originally called Survive! it featured the now central mechanic of all reality TV - a weekly ritual where people get voted off. Taken from the Council in Lord of the Flies, the idea is now at the heart of every modern reality show from Love Island and I'm a Celebrity to Big Brother. 

Broadband Collective

Superfast rural broadband

At 47p a month, the Broadband Collective, which I founded and built from scratch, with Cisco as partners, was the cheapest broadband anywhere in the UK. It was a simple idea too - hook a rural town up to a satellite and distribute the signal through a Mesh network and share the cost between the number of subscribers. Managed by the community, at its peak we had over 300 subs to our super fast broadband service.